Speedy Treatment For Cracked Teeth In Utah County

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One of the endodontic treatments we provide to our Utah County area patients is restoring cracked teeth. If your tooth is experiencing erratic pain when chewing or pain with exposure to extreme hot or extreme cold, you may have a cracked tooth. The best way to know for sure is to visit Dr. Jon Jenson…

Get An Experienced Endodontist Utah County

Get An Experienced Endodontist Utah County

Dr. Jon Jensen has been treating infected teeth for years. He has additional training when it comes to root canal therapy and strives to help his patients avoid costly and painful dental surgery. Here is a list of common ailments and procedures that he has experience with: Cracked Teeth Avulsed Teeth (knocked out) Root Canal Therapy…

The Outcomes Of An Untreated Cracked Tooth

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Provo, Think About The Outcomes Of An Untreated Cracked Tooth

Have you ever had a chip or small crack in your windshield? Over time if the crack isn’t repaired it will grow and sometimes necessitate getting rid of the windshield and replacing it. This same scenario can happen to our teeth; however, our teeth are much more complicated to replace. It’s easier to repair a…

Cracked Teeth In Provo? We Can Help

Cracked Tooth Provo

The size and location of your cracked tooth will help to determine its treatment. Cracked teeth occur more often in molars because of their role in chewing and grinding food. Often small cracks are common and do not pose a problem. However if you are experiencing any pain related to your cracked teeth, its important…

Root Canal Therapy In Orem

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Root Canal Therapy Orem

Your teeth make several daily tasks possible—like eating, talking, and smiling. So, preserving these natural assets are extremely important to maintaining your lifestyle. When a tooth becomes infected or falls out, Dr. Jon Jenson at Cascade Endodontics in Orem makes it his top priority to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible with…

Prevention and Signs of Cracked Teeth

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Preventing Cracked Teeth A root canal infection can have a variety of causes—injury, tooth decay, trauma, or tooth cracks being just a few. Surprisingly, it can sometimes be difficult to detect a tooth crack that may be letting bacteria escape into the heart of your tooth. Understanding how to detect tooth cracks and how to…