Are Root Canals Scary?

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Sedation Dentistry Available In Provo

It’s no secret that root canals have gotten a bad rap. Back when dentistry began, people with no medical training would perform oral surgery. Barbers often doubled as surgeons. Thankfully that practice is long gone. There have been incredible advancements in dentistry in the last hundred years. Dentist undergo years of training to provide general…

How Long Does Root Canal Surgery Take?

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It is a common misconception that root canals are lengthy and involved, multi-visit procedures that involve many follow-up appointments. The good news is that most root canal procedures can be completed in one or two visits. Dr. Jon Jenson may have you come in for a follow up appointment just to check and make sure…

Do You Think You Need a Root Canal?

  Root canals commonly bring fear and anxiety to the minds of those who consider the treatment. However, this is often because of misunderstandings, not knowing what to expect and negative commentary associated with it. Cascade Endodontics understands this but also knows that the indication of a root canal is often an excruciating pain that…

I Had Root Canal But The Pain Never Went Away!

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Lets talk now about irregular pain after a root canal. If you have recently had a root canal and the pain never went away you will want to come into Cascade Endodontics right away. Experiencing pain at the same level or higher than before your root canal is not normal. This may be a warning sing that the infection is back with a vengeance! Contact your endodontist immediately if you experience any of the following after your root canal:

Save Your Teeth, Save Your Life

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Did you know that replacing missing teeth and restoring good oral health could ultimately prevent much more significant health problems from arising? Gum disease is known to be the leading cause of tooth loss. According to a survey done by the American Dental Association and Colgate in 1996, U.S. dentists say gum disease is a…

Ways To Avoid Cracked Teeth in Utah County

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Avoiding Cracked Teeth In Utah County

Do you find yourself feeling sharp pain when you bite, or when your teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures? Do you chew with just one side of your mouth? If you experience intermittent tooth pain, you may have a cracked tooth. Cracked teeth can range in severity from mild to severe. Some…

Achieve A More Youthful Smile

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Wanting to hold on to your youthful look but unsure how? You might consider investing in endodontics to maintain your smile. Unlike a diet or makeover that lasts temporarily, giving your teeth the dental treatment they deserve is a long lasting investment that can improve your appearance and your self-confidence. At the Cascade Endodontics, we…

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

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While the idea of getting a root canal may scare some people, the list of benefits definitely outweighs the apprehension you may experience before making an appointment with Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson. To begin, root canal therapy has a 90% success rate. This is similar to the level of success for dental implants, according…