Are Root Canals Scary?

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Sedation Dentistry Available In Provo

It’s no secret that root canals have gotten a bad rap. Back when dentistry began, people with no medical training would perform oral surgery. Barbers often doubled as surgeons. Thankfully that practice is long gone. There have been incredible advancements in dentistry in the last hundred years. Dentist undergo years of training to provide general…

How To Overcome Dental Phobia

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Sweaty Palms. Increased Heartbeat. The urge to flee. An estimated 15% of dental patients experience some level of dental anxiety when it’s time for a dental checkup. This anxiety can be a result of a number of factors but no matter the cause, it keeps patients from receiving the dental care that they need. If…

What Does IV Sedation Feel Like?

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Many of our Cascade Endodontics patients put off seeing their regular dentist because of fear or anxiety about dental care. This becomes a larger problem because something that might have been a small issue develops into a bigger problem that ends up needing endodontic care. If you put off necessary dental care because of fear…

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

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There are many types of sedation dentistry and they offer different benefits to patients. Here at Cascade Endodontics, we offer three levels of sedation and will work with you to figure out what approach will best fit your situation.

If you have dental fear and or anxiety you could be a good candidate for oral conscious sedation. Other qualifications can include:

sensitive gag reflex
sore jaw muscles
high pain sensitivity
difficulty numbing with local anesthetic
back or neck pain
difficulty controlling movement
previous traumatic dental experiences
discomfort sitting for long periods of time

Sedation Dentistry For Root Canal Surgery

Sedation Dentistry For Provo Residents Who Need Root Canal Surgery

So you need a dreaded root canal, but you have high dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry may be just the thing you need to relieve yourself of dental pain and dental anxiety. With oral conscious sedation, you can get dental procedures performed by your endodontist and not remember a single thing. Because you are in a more relaxed…

Orem, Dental Emergencies Can Be Avoided

Get Toothache Relief In Utah County

Our bodies are designed to respond to pain in order to help alert us of things we may be doing that are harmful.  If you were to place a hand on a hot pan, you would instantly pull it away because the resulting burn would cause pain you’d want to avoid.  Our teeth also react the…

An Apicoectemy: What To Expect

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Your Orem Apicoectomy - What To Expect

An apicoectomy, also more commonly called a Root-End Resection, is a type of micro-surgery that is done after a root canal if an infection develops or continues. Typically a root canal is the only type of surgery needed to save an infected tooth, but occasionally an infection will persist even after a patient receives root…