Help! I Need Emergency Dental Care!

Nobody plans on having a dental emergency. We all like keeping our teeth in our mouth and we don’t like when they hurt, thank you very much. But unfortunately, dental emergencies still happen. Rest assured that Cascade Endodontics will do everything we can to assist you during this painful and scary time. Our practice is…

Do You Think You Need a Root Canal?

  Root canals commonly bring fear and anxiety to the minds of those who consider the treatment. However, this is often because of misunderstandings, not knowing what to expect and negative commentary associated with it. Cascade Endodontics understands this but also knows that the indication of a root canal is often an excruciating pain that…

Are Toothaches Serious?

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Toothaches can range anywhere from a dull aching to sharp and severe pain around the teeth and jaws. These pains can commonly be treated by over-the-counter medications and are often tolerated to avoid a trip to the dentist in an effort to cut costs. However, toothaches can be an indication of something easily treatable such…

5 Quick Tips For Dental Emergencies

5 Quick Tips For Dental Emergencies

Knocked Out Tooth: Gently handle the tooth by the crown being carful to not disrupt the root of the missing tooth. If possible rinse tooth and put back in place. Never force to tooth into place. You may also hold in your mouth until you reach your dentist. If this is not possible place tooth in a cup of milk or water with a pinch of table salt. Saving a knocked out tooth has the highest chance if seen within 1 hour so act quickly but be careful to handle to tooth properly.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

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Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson solves your tooth pain

Here are some of the signs that show it’s time to visit Dr. Jon Jenson in Orem. If you are experiencing extreme tooth pain and sensitivity, you may need a root canal.

Sedation Dentistry For Root Canal Surgery

Sedation Dentistry For Provo Residents Who Need Root Canal Surgery

So you need a dreaded root canal, but you have high dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry may be just the thing you need to relieve yourself of dental pain and dental anxiety. With oral conscious sedation, you can get dental procedures performed by your endodontist and not remember a single thing. Because you are in a more relaxed…

Why Toothaches Can Be So Painful

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Orem, This Is Why Toothaches Can Be So Bad

Why does it hurt so bad when you have a toothache?  When you get an infected tooth it will cause inflammation just like any other part of the body.  Usually when inflammation occurs, for instance on a finger, the skin and tissue around the infection swell and stretch. However, in a tooth, the pulp is…