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What Makes Cascade Endodontics So Unique?

root canal and endodontics in Orem and ProvoWe look forward to offering you a remarkably distinctive dental experience. Our expert team is led by endodontist Dr. Jon W. Jenson, DDS, who has extensive experience in the field of endodontics.

Cascade Endodontics is known for the extraordinary experience we provide our patients. Time and time again, those who we treat are pleased and surprised that their visit with us is very different from what is typically expected when getting root canals.

What our patients say…

“My root canal was painless!”—Chad

“I was back to my old self.”—Amanda

“He’s my go-to man”—Alex

“A culture of care.”—Steve

What Makes Us Unique

Dr. Jenson is one of, if not the only, endodontist in Utah County to offer dental sedation to help you have a very comfortable experience, even during a root canal!
From the professional level of care, to the knowledge and compassion shown by the endodontist Dr. Jenson and his staff, to the technology used, patients are amazed at how comfortable they feel in our Provo area office.
We give each patient very personalized attention from the first call through each office visit and even phone calls afterwards to make sure you are doing well.
Dr. Jenson is a an endodontist, meaning he not only has a dental degree, but he also has years of additional postgraduate training in handling the tissues inside and around the tooth allowing him to provide more challenging treatments than what may be provided by a general dentist.

An Extraordinary Endodontic Dental Practice in Orem, UT

We look forward to offering you a remarkably distinctive dental experience. Our expert team, led by endodontist Dr. Jon W. Jenson, DDS, includes an excellent endodontic staff focused on your needs.

Our patients are pleased to experience the difference that our practice offers. Our friendly, comfortable office is located in Orem, right at the mouth of the Provo Canyon.

Dr. Jon Jenson, DDS, takes pride in making your experience as positive and relaxing as possible. This is our commitment to you during all of our procedures, including:

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    Root Canals

    A root canal commonly brings fear due to not knowing what to expect and negative commentary about inexperienced doctors. Our team at Cascade Endodontics understands this and puts our expertise to work to relieve your mind. Specialists in root canal technology, like Dr. Jenson, work with precision and compassion to remove the painful nerve center of the tooth in a manner that brings relief, not anxiety.

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    The specialty branch of dentistry known as endodontics involves treating the inside of your tooth, such as the pulp or tissue within the root canal as well as tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. Although the most common procedure in endodontics is root canal therapy, Cascade Endodontics also restores and preserves your dental health by treating cracked teeth, trauma-related injuries, and more.

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    Sedation Dentistry

    If you are uneasy about dentists’ chairs, you are not alone. Cascade Endodontics is proud to be the only endodontic practice in Utah County that provides different levels of sedation, in addition to high levels of treatment. In fact, other endodontists often send their patients who need sedation to Dr. Jenson for treatment. Come see what a difference it can make in your treatment!

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