Digital X Ray Technology Gives Dr. Jon Jenson An Edge

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In order to best meet the needs of our Utah County area patients, Dr. Jon Jenson uses cutting edge dental technology to assess your tooth’s needs. Using 3D image technology gives the team at Cascade Endodontics clearer, more precise results the first time, saving you time and money. Dr. Jon Jenson was one of the…

Technological Advances at Cascade Endodontics

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digital x-ray Orem

Have you heard of a CT scanner? This recent technology has become fairly common in hospital settings and is an amazing tool those of us in the health professions can use to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases. A Computed Tomography (CT) scan is able to take detailed x-rays from all angles to create a highly precise 3-D image of body structures.

Get A Better Look At Your Teeth With 3D Imaging

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Get A 3D Dental Xray In Utah County With a CT Scanner

If you were asked to describe a car in a blurry picture, it would be difficult to give very much detail. Now if you were asked to do the same but using a pristine clear photograph, and better yet, one that was three dimensional and able to rotate, it would be much easier to describe…