Dental Technology at Cascade Endodontics

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Don’t let an injured or infected tooth go untreated. One of the most important parts of your first visit to Cascade Endodontics is the digital x-ray. Sometimes called “radiographs,” x-rays have come a long way since the early days of dentistry. 3D imaging techniques help us get a complete picture of your teeth. We’re able…

Technological Advances at Cascade Endodontics

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Have you heard of a CT scanner? This recent technology has become fairly common in hospital settings and is an amazing tool those of us in the health professions can use to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases. A Computed Tomography (CT) scan is able to take detailed x-rays from all angles to create a highly precise 3-D image of body structures.

Get A Better Look At Your Teeth With 3D Imaging

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Get A 3D Dental Xray In Utah County With a CT Scanner

If you were asked to describe a car in a blurry picture, it would be difficult to give very much detail. Now if you were asked to do the same but using a pristine clear photograph, and better yet, one that was three dimensional and able to rotate, it would be much easier to describe…