Emergency Dental Care

emergency dental care for dental emergency in Orem and ProvoDental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere (and often when it’s least convenient). Take away some of the stress of your dental emergency by calling Orem Endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson. When you are experiencing extreme toothaches or oral injuries, you don’t want to worry about trying to find someone that can treat you. Dr. Jenson, your preferred Orem area endodontist, also provides expert emergency dental care and fast relief for toothaches.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency please call 801-404-5810 as soon as possible. Cascade Endodontics in Utah County near Provo Canyon can usually treat patients with dental emergencies the same day during business hours. Remember, getting emergency dental care within an hour or two of the injury greatly increases the survival rate of the tooth.

“I cannot thank you guys enough for seeing me on such short notice, 4:30pm on Monday, and doing a root canal so quickly. I left your office without any pain and haven’t had ANY since. Thank you so much for everything!”
– Janet H.

Signs of A Dental Emergency

How To Respond To A Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing toothaches or another dental emergency, call Dr. Jon Jenson right away. In the meantime, apply an icepack to the affected area to numb the pain and reduce swelling. If possible, save the tooth so Dr. Jenson can assess the injury fully and provide the best possible treatment. You can also take an over the counter pain reliever to minimize discomfort.

Not all dental emergencies can be prevented. However it’s always a good idea to practice good preventative dental care. Be sure to brush and floss regularly and have regular dental exams.  A small amount of effort now can save you a lot of restorative dental work in the future. For emergency dental care and relief from toothaches, call Dr. Jon Jenson in Provo-Orem today.