An apicoectomy is a procedure involving endodontic micro-surgery to remove and then reseal the tip of the tooth’s root. An apicoectomy may be needed after a root canal if infection develops or persists.

Root Canal Surgery

apicoectomy and root canal surgery in Orem and ProvoWhen a tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment is usually all that is required needed to save the tooth. There are times, however, when root canal therapy will not be sufficient to heal the tooth and Dr. Jenson, your Orem endodontist, will recommend root canal surgery. Through endodontic surgery, an endodontist can find and repair the sources of the infection that are still causing pain in the tooth. Damaged root surfaces, infected tissue or the surrounding bone may also be treated with surgery. The most common surgery used to save damaged teeth after a root canal is a Root-End Resection, also called an Apicoectomy.

“Mine has been a complex, difficult and usual case I’m sure. Throughout the consultation, procedure and post op you and your staff have been an incredible medical team to work with. I am very grateful for the extra time and effort that has been spent on my behalf. I would highly recommend Cascade Endodontics to anyone with dental problems no matter how severe. Thank you.”
– Jay W.

What is Involved With an Apicoectomy?

At Cascade Endodontics near Provo Canyon, Dr. Jenson will do everything possible to make you comfortable during your apicoectomy. Once the area surrounding the tooth has been anesthetized, he will make an incision in the gum tissue to expose the infected tooth root and the surrounding inflamed tissue. He will then remove the tip of the root and the damaged tissue. After preparing the root end cavity, he will fill it with a biocompatible material to prevent reinfection of the root. The bone and tissue surrounding the infected root will then begin to heal.

root canal and apicoectomy in Utah County and OremFollowing the root canal surgery in our Utah County office, you may experience some swelling or discomfort or swelling during the healing process. As with any surgical procedure, this is to be expected. Dr. Jenson will give post operative instructions to you and may recommend pain medication. Be sure to let him know if you have any allergies to medications or if your pain is not responding to the recommended medication.

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