Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

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Don’t let your fear of the dentist get in the way of an emergency visit or regular checkups. If you’ve cracked your tooth or injured your mouth, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Don’t wait to fix a broken or missing tooth–your jawbone health is at risk. Once we determine which restorative procedures you’ll…

Gentle Dental at Cascade Endodontics

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Dental anxiety and the more severe dental phobia affect a significant portion of the population. Today’s Cascade Endodontics blog post answers some questions asked about this vital topic. What are the long-term consequences of dental anxiety and dental phobia? The most dangerous consequence is when a dental phobic patient delays dental care until a pain…

Where’s Your Happy Place?

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At Cascade Endodontics, we make it our business not only to provide our Orem and Provo patients with the expert dental care they need, but to help them feel comfortable in the process. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how little pain they experience getting endodontic treatment from Dr. Jon Jenson.

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

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There are many types of sedation dentistry and they offer different benefits to patients. Here at Cascade Endodontics, we offer three levels of sedation and will work with you to figure out what approach will best fit your situation.

If you have dental fear and or anxiety you could be a good candidate for oral conscious sedation. Other qualifications can include:

sensitive gag reflex
sore jaw muscles
high pain sensitivity
difficulty numbing with local anesthetic
back or neck pain
difficulty controlling movement
previous traumatic dental experiences
discomfort sitting for long periods of time

The Benefits Of Seeing A Sedation Dentist

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Most cosmetic dentists and endodontic practices do all they can to make your dental visit comfortable by providing amenities such as your choice of music and DVDs. By visiting a sedation dentist, your level of relaxation is taken to a new level. For many people, visiting the dentist can be difficult because of anxiety or…