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Find High Quality Endodontic Care When You Visit Your Orem Endodontist

Whether you need a root canal, apicoectomy, or other endodontic service, Dr. Jensen is excited to serve as your Orem endodontist. We love our community, and are excited to provide each patient with personalized, individual service. Patients who visit our office in Orem rave about the extraordinary experience they find at Cascade Orthodontics. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and combine it with our passion, technical knowledge, experience, and care. Patient comfort is one of our top priorities. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry options, and will do everything in our power to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.

Some of our endodontic services include:

Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson can expertly perform a root canalRoot Canals

A root canal can be a vital procedure to preserving your oral health and helping your smile last. Root canals remove bacteria and infected tissue to prevent further harm, and to preserve and protect your teeth. Our team has advanced training, and experience in performing root canals that most general dentists lack.


Endodontics focuses on the inside of your teeth, and keeping your teeth healthy. Root canals are the most common endodontic procedure, but they aren’t all we do at Cascade Endodontics. At our practice, we can also treat traumatic injuries that affect your teeth, and we can help treat cracked teeth and restore your smile.

Utah County endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson offers sedation dentistry to help you be comfortable during treatmentSedation Dentistry

With sedation dentistry options, now our procedures can be more relaxing than ever. Sedation dentistry puts patients at ease during a procedure, even if they’ve suffered from dental anxiety in the past. If you are worried or anxious about an endodontic procedure, sedation dentistry can help you get the care that you need and provide meaningful relief.

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