About Sedation Dentistry

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Every person has their own personal tolerance for discomforts that may come from dental procedures. Some people prefer nothing other than local anesthesia while others prefer to be sedated. Cascade Endodontics understands this and provides three levels of sedation to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Nitrous oxide sedation, or the use of “laughing gas”, is used to reduce anxiety and produce a state of relaxation to help you through the dental procedure. This is an inexpensive method of sedation that is recommended if it means the difference between peace and comfort instead of fear and anxiety for you.

Conscious sedation is the combination of nitrous oxide with a sedative hypnotic medication that is taken orally. This method will provide an even greater level of comfort but requires an evaluation appointment prior to the procedure and bringing an escort with you for the day of the procedure.

The third level is provided by an anesthesiologist in the office who will “put you to sleep” via IV sedation. This procedure also requires a prior evaluation and an escort.