An Apicoectemy: What To Expect

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Your Orem Apicoectomy - What To ExpectAn apicoectomy, also more commonly called a Root-End Resection, is a type of micro-surgery that is done after a root canal if an infection develops or continues. Typically a root canal is the only type of surgery needed to save an infected tooth, but occasionally an infection will persist even after a patient receives root canal therapy.

Any dental procedure can be disconcerting, especially if you don’t know what will be taking place. If you need a Root-End Resection, this is what you can expect at Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson’s office.

Our patients will receive an anesthetic. If you are someone who experiences extreme dental phobia, talk to us about your sedation dentistry options. We want all our patients to be comfortable and relaxed during their treatment.

Once the anesthetic kicks in, an opening is made in the gums near the tooth so that Dr. Jenson can access and remove that abscess or infected tissue at the tip of the tooth root. Once the infection is removed, the root tip is removed and a filling is placed on the tip to help seal it and prevent any further infection.

The healing process can take a period of months, so you will continue to visit Dr. Jenson periodically to ensure your tooth is recovering safely and correctly.

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache before, you can understand the desire to fix the problem ASAP. This is why Cascade Endodontics offers emergency dental care for the Orem, Provo, Heber City and the surrounding areas. If you need an endodontist near Heber City, give Dr. Jon Jenson a call. Cascade Endodontics offers a wide range of endodontic options including root canals, sedation dentistry, treatment of avulsed teeth, root canal retreatment and root-end re-treatments.

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