I Have A Cracked Tooth, Now What?

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Cracked Teeth Solutions In Provo

A cracked tooth might not bring you seven years bad luck or break your momma’s back (as the superstitions go with other cracks), but it’s still annoying when it happens. There are many different forces that can cause a tooth to crack. They include:

  • Teeth grinding or frequently clenching your teeth
  • Accident or injury
  • Biting hard foods such as nuts, hard candy or ice
  • Weakness over time due to tooth fillings
  • Extreme temperature changes (drinking a hot beverage then eating ice)

Sometimes Provo patients don’t even realize they have a cracked tooth. Cracks can sometimes be invisible and often won’t show up in a dental x-ray. If this is the case, often no treatment is recommended as very small cracks are common and don’t present any further issues. Sometimes you are very aware of a cracked tooth because of sharp, localized pain when biting or eating hot or cold foods. If this sounds familiar, talk to Provo endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson. He will examine your teeth and let you know the best solution for your smile.  There are a few different solutions for your tooth.

One option is to receive a filling in the cracked tooth to restore its strength and function. Another option is to place a dental crown on the tooth to prevent the crack from growing and causing more pain or damage. If the crack is deep enough to have affected the pulp of the tooth, Dr. Jon Jenson will recommend a root canal to treat the infection portion of the tooth and help stop your tooth pain. In extreme cases, a tooth will be extracted if no other options can help the tooth.

Regular dental hygiene is important in maintaining your oral health and preventing cracked teeth. If you have a cracked tooth, please call us today to schedule an appointment so Dr. Jon Jenson can help end your tooth pain and restore your smile.