Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Most people get nervous when they find out they need a root canal. The usual reason is that reputation precedes reality: root canals hurt, don’t they? At Cascade Endodontics in Orem, we assure you that the answer is no!

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the soft tissue inside a tooth gets infected or damaged. By removing it we prevent the infection from spreading, or causing other complications.

Telltale Signs

That infection or damage is probably causing a lot of pain. Once it’s treated the pain will be gone. In other words, in spite of their reputation, root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it.

Only a dentist can tell for sure that you need a root canal. But there are some telltale signs you should be aware of.

  • Pain. The pain in your tooth caused by the infection may be constant, or it may come and go. But there is usually pain, and can be pretty bad. Persistent tooth pain should definitely be examined, because there are other possible causes than root canal infection.
  • Sensitivity. Pain from hot and cold is another warning sign. It may be sharp or dull, but if it lingers then it may indicate the need for root canal treatment.
  • Swollen gums. If your gums become swollen around the painful tooth it may indicate a root canal is in order.
  • Discoloration. The infected tooth may become discolored. If it turns a grayish-black, have it looked at as soon as possible.

At Cascade Endodontics in Orem root canal treatment is our specialty. Don’t take any chances! Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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