Experiencing Pain? Retreatment Of Root Canal May Be Needed

Retreatment Of Root Canal May Be Needed For Orem ResidentsWhy would you need a retreatment of your root canal? When an endodontist operates on your tooth, it is easy to forget that they are performing a procedure through an opening as small as a couple of millimeters – that’s about the size of a pea. There are times when your doctor will do everything right and yet the root canal will still fail and need additional treatment to be successful. Today on the blog is an explanation of some of reasons why your tooth is not healing properly and may need to get retreatment of that root canal.

  • Narrow and severely curved tooth canals that have difficult access and were not cleaned properly.
  • Complicated root structure that went undetected in the first endodontic procedure.
  • Delay in the crown placement after the root canal was finished, allowing for leaking of bacteria.
  • Insufficient seal on the crown or temporary that failed to prevent leaking of saliva and bacteria into the tooth.
  • Formation of a crack, allowing bacteria to enter and contaminate the inside of the tooth.
  • Formation of new cavities that have compromised the root canal.

It is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing tooth pain in a tooth or an area near a tooth that has had a root canal.  It is always better financially and for your oral health to fix problems early on. If you have questions, Dr. Jon Jenson would be glad to help answer them and examine your teeth to ensure their health. Contact us today for a consultation.