Have You Heard The One About … Root Canals?

This post from Cascade Endodontics in Orem UT describes some of the myths about root canals. There is plenty of misinformation out there, so we’re going to use this space to separate some of the fact from the fiction.

We’ll dispense first with the single most pervasisve myth of all: that root canal therapy is painful, along the lines of medieval torture. Not so! Rest assured that modern dentistry has long since solved that issue, and most patients say they’re not much different than having a cavity filled.

Root Canal Myths

Bear in mind: root canal therapy can save an infected tooth that won’t get better on its own. In fact, that tooth will quite likely have to be extracted if it isn’t treated. We’ve saved a lot of teeth by doing them.

Root canal myths include:

  • Root canals cause illness. This is simply not true. On the contrary, there is evidence that people who have had a root canal are no more at risk of getting sick than people have haven’t.
  • Root canals involve removing a tooth’s root. No, they don’t. A root canal does  involve removing infected tooth pulp from the inside of a tooth. Tooth roots are left alone.
  • Pregnant women should not have a root canal. Not so! Pregnant women have them all the time. Women sometimes elect to put off a root canal to avoid having an x-ray. Even then, dental x-rays are of the mouth, not the abdominal area.
  • If there is no pain, a tooth doesn’t need a root canal. If only this were true! Infected teeth usually hurt, and hurt a lot. But a tooth may still need one, even in the absence of pain.

The title of this post may have you expecting a joke. That was not our purpose, but neither was disappointing you, so here goes: Why did the numbers 25, 36, and 49 go to the dentist? For a square root canal!

At Cascade Endodontics in Orem UT we have saved a lot of teeth with root canal therapy. Please call us to schedule an appointment today!

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