Do You Need a Root Canal? Here’s Help To Answer Your Question

Categories: Root Canals

Even just hearing the words “root canal” is enough to make most people cringe. But what most people don’t realize is that sometimes a root canal is necessary to save a tooth, so this is actually a good thing. We encourage our patients to pay close attention to their overall oral health, especially when there are signs of infection.

How do you know if you are looking at root canal therapy in your future? Consider talking to Dr. Jon Jenson at Cascade Endodontics in Orem about whether or not  you need a root canal if any of the following is true:

  • Intense tooth pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure
  • A tooth injury that causes visible trauma
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Swelling in the gums or lesions present in the gums that look like pimples

Not all of these indicate that you do need a root canal. But if you have any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to call Cascade Endodontics at 801-404-5810 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jon Jenson right away. You can work with him to determine the cause of the problem and the best way to move forward.

“Now” is always the best time to address your dental health issues. Waiting will just make the problem worse. Cascade Endodontics treats Provo, Orem, and Utah County patients with unparalleled service and emergency scheduling. Call today!