Need Toothache Relief?

Categories: Dental Health

emergency dentistry ProvoTooth pain should never be left untreated. Waiting too long to call a dentist can lead to costlier long-term problems. If you’ve suffered an injury to your face or jaw, don’t hesitate to schedule an emergency dentistry appointment. The experienced team at Cascade Endodontics will identify the cause of your toothache and work with you to develop an affordable, effective treatment plan. Afraid of the dentist? We can help. Sedation dentistry keeps anxious patients calm.

Toothaches occur for a variety of reasons.  The issue may be as simple as a cavity or a cracked tooth, which can usually be easily fixed. Toothaches also may be a sign of more serious gum disease, an exposed root, or an abscessed tooth.  Signs of an abscessed tooth include:

  • pain
  • swelling
  • redness in the gums
  • bad taste in the mouth
  • fever

Your dentist may treat more serious infections with antibiotics, clean the space around your teeth and gums, or perform a root canal. The good news is cavities, gum disease and abscessed teeth are preventable. Make sure to practice good brushing and flossing habits, and don’t forget to schedule twice-yearly dental checkups. We offer a range of endodontics services including apicoectomies, sedation dentistry, and dental surgery. Questions? Give us a call at 801-404-5810

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