What Not to Do After Root Canal Therapy

The Greatest Mistake Provo Makes After Root Canal TherapyWhen you get root canal treatment, your endodontist goes to great lengths to clean and remove the bacteria and decay that caused the toothache. A common but critical mistake that individuals make is procrastinating the placement of the final crown. By living with a temporary and not getting a permanent crown, you place your root canal at a high risk for re-exposure to bacteria and the need for retreatment or worse – tooth extraction. Before you get a root canal, make sure to have a plan with your dentist to get your dental crown started. Here is why it is so important:

Why You Need A Crown: When Your doctor performs a root canal, he or she will remove a large amount of tooth structure, leaving the remaining tooth substantially weakened – it’s similar to the difference between a straw and a chopstick. In addition to the missing structure, the tooth has also lost its supply of blood and nutrients which overtime will desiccate (dry out) the tooth and make it brittle. For these two reasons, the tooth will be more likely to fracture and allow bacteria to leak into the cleaned environment that your endodontist worked hard to create and ultimately can cause the root canal to fail.

What You Can Avoid By Getting A Crown:

  • Bacterial leakage and the need for root canal retreatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Fractured crown (with a subsequent need for tooth extraction)
  • Pain

Because not every tooth needs a crown after a root canal, be sure to talk to Dr. Jon Jenson to learn more about taking care of your investment. If you live in the Orem or Provo area, please call Cascade Endodontics; we are happy to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have.