The Number One Reason For Root Canal Retreatments

The Number One Reason For Utah County Root Canal RetreatmentsSo you’ve had a root canal, but you are still experiencing pain.  This can happen.  The severity of and length of time since your root canal treatment will help your endodontist determine what the best course of action is to take. Here is the main reason for root canal failure that will lead to either retreatment or, even worse, extraction.

Delaying the permanent crown is common because of the expense, but many endodontists say they would like their patients to get a permanent crown placed as soon as possible and ideally no longer than 30 days from the root canal completion date. This is important because your doctor has cleaned the tooth’s canal and the permanent restoration will prevent leakage of bacteria and ultimately failure of the root canal.  Don’t waste the investment you already put into your tooth and get a crown placed before it is too late. The studies have shown that the failure rate increases drastically for patients who never get a full crown placed.

Don’t let this mistake happen to you.  Be sure to contact your general dentist as soon as you know you will need a root canal so you can begin figuring out what you will need to do in order to get a crown as soon as possible.  If you are experiencing pain with a tooth that has under gone root canal therapy then feel free to call Cascade Endodontics.  We stand by to answer your call and any questions that you may have.