Relieve Your Pain With Root Canal Therapy Near Provo

Categories: Toothache

Provo, Relieve Your Pain With A Root CanalDo you have a tooth that has been bothering you and needs root canal therapy?  Are you avoiding the procedure because you’ve heard how painful it can be?  Contrary to what many believe, root canals in fact relieve your dental pains. There have been great advances in technologies to enable dentists to provide a virtually pain free experience.  Visiting a trained endodontist, such as Dr. Jon Jenson DDS who does nothing but root canals, will ensure that you have the best experience. Endodontic therapies have helped thousands keep their natural teeth which is always superior to any alternative replacement such as bridges or implants.

When you come in for your root canal, Dr. Jenson will make sure that you are numb and comfortable.  If you experience dental anxiety, then sedation dentistry may be right for you.  There are solutions to the worries you may have and Dr. Jon Jenson DDS is happy to work with you to give you toothache relief.