Root Canal Success In Orem

Categories: Root Canals

A root canal is a highly successful procedure in Orem. In fact, research indicates that root canals have a success rate around 90 percent. However, just like any dental procedure, it is important to understand the signs and causes of improper healing in your root canal so that you can get the proper care if needed. If you continue to feel pain near your root canal several months or even years after your root canal procedure, it is probably a sign of improper healing. The following list details the major causes of improper root canal healing:

  • Undetected crack in the tooth root
  • Undetected root canal that was not cleaned during first procedure
  • Small or bent canals not thoroughly cleaned during first procedure
  • Dental crown (or other restoration) not placed quickly enough
  • Dental crown (or other restoration) did not seal out bacteria from saliva
  • New crack or loose filling lets in additional bacteria that causes decay

If you experience one of the problems listed above, Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson will discuss your treatment options with you. Most likely, you will need a retreatment of root canal, which is very similar to your first root canal procedure. Your Orem endodontist will reopen your tooth and reclean all of the root canals as thoroughly as possible. Then he will fill and seal the tooth, and your restoration will have to be placed. Root canals are known to last up to a lifetime when they are cared for properly. Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson has successfully performed several root canals, and is committed to staying up on the latest techniques and procedures in endodontics.

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