Tooth Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

root canal therapy Utah CountySometimes, when the pain is severe from a serious infection, a root canal is necessary to relieve that pain, which is usually associated with an infection in a tooth’s root. During a root canal, the infected pulp in the root is removed and a crown is placed over the tooth to restore its shape and strength.

I’m Dr. Jon Jenson, and I specialize in providing exceptional endodontic care for my Utah County dental patients. One treatment I offer at my Orem office, Cascade Endodontics, is endodontic retreatment.

Most root canal patients are surprised by how little pain they feel during and after a root canal. Some patients even report having no pain at all. That being said, many patients do still experience some pain during the healing period after having a root canal.

Here are a few signs that endodontic retreatment may be needed:

  1. Your original symptoms return
  2. You experience an uneven bite
  3. You have visible swelling, whether outside or inside your mouth

Some pain is normal. However, if your levels of pain return to what they were before you had your root canal, or if the pain won’t go away, please call 801-404-5810 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jenson. This may indicate that the infection has returned.

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