Toothache Pain: Never Ignore It

Toothaches have a way of getting your attention like nothing else. When they get bad, the pain can be unbearable. The simple act of chewing your food is difficult, and it’s hard to concentrate on your work. Just getting to sleep can be a challenge.

The most common cause of a toothache is a cavity. A cavity means that the outer surface of the tooth’s enamel has a hole in it, caused by plaque. The best way to avoid cavities, of course, is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.

Cavities are not to be taken lightly, yet a toothache can be an indication of a more serious problem. A condition called pulpitis happens when the tissue in the middle of a tooth get irritated and inflamed. Pressure on the inside of the tooth builds up, affecting the gums and other surrounding tissue. The treatment for pulpitis is usually a root canal.

A toothache may also be an indication of an abscess, which happens when bacteria builds up inside the pulp of a tooth. The most obvious sign of an abscessed tooth is facial swelling, which can be painful. The best way to treat an abscessed tooth is also with a root canal.

Toothaches should never be taken lightly. Your body is telling you something with that pain. While it may be something as comparatively simple as a cavity, it may be a more serious issue requiring the attention of an endodontist.

At Cascade Endodontics in Orem, we provide toothache relief to our patients with root canals and other therapy. We also treat traumatic dental injuries, and provide sedation options if need be. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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