Toothache Relief in Provo

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On the pain scale, toothaches can get pretty high up there – maybe even a ten. In some cases they respond to over-the-counter medications, and that’s a good thing. But severe toothache pain is something to be taken seriously. It can be treated at Cascade Endodontics in Provo.

A toothache is most often caused by an infection or inflammation in the tooth, and is called pulpitis. The pulp inside a tooth contains the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue that keep it healthy. When there is some kind of damage to a tooth, like a cavity or crack, air and germs get inside. The pulp becomes infected, and you end up with a toothache.

Other things can also cause a toothache:

  • Enamel loss or gum recession. This can be the result of aggressive brushing. If you notice sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, it may be the cause.
  • Teeth grinding. Grinding your teeth can lead to nerve damaged and aching teeth. If one or more of your teeth ache constantly with a dull, throbbing pain, grinding your teeth may be the cause.
  • Infected or abcessed tooth. This is when the soft tissue inside a tooth dies, becomes inflamed, and goes untreated. The pain could be throbbing and intense.

None of these issues are to be taken lightly. If you experience any of these, take action right away.

At Cascade Endodontics in Provo, we have long experience in providing toothache relief, and specialize in root canals. Call us for an appointment and we’ll provide the relief you need.

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