Why Should I Consider A Root Canal?

Root Canal Heber CityThe phrase “I’d rather have a root canal” is a well-known expression when describing something people don’t want to do. However, considering alternatives to a root canal, such as tooth extraction or toothaches, a root canal is often the best choice.

Endodontic therapy can prevent patients from needing to replace an extracted tooth as well as offer lasting relief from an intense toothache. With skilled endodontics from Dr. Jon Jenson in Orem, a root canal can be a comfortable and pain relieving procedure that allows you to resume your normal life without a toothache.

Many people put off getting a root canal because they think it will be a lengthy, time-consuming process. However most root canal treatments take only one to two visits. Choosing to extract a tooth can result in not only a change in the appearance of your smile but could also take months to fit a dental implant or dentures to replace the tooth.

By choosing endodontic treatment over tooth extraction, you will save time and money on other cosmetic dental procedures to replace the tooth. You will retain the function and durability of your natural tooth.

With the advancements in dental technology at our Orem practice, we can provide patients with a relaxing, comfortable experience when getting a root canal. For patients who experience severe dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry. This treatment can keep you calm and relaxed while you improve the health of your teeth.

To learn more or to schedule a root canal, call Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson today.