Apprehensive About Your Root Canal? Here’s What To Expect

Root Canal Surgery OremThe words ‘root canal’ can still strike fear into the hearts of the most intrepid dental patients. How can you conquer your dental fears and receive a treatment that not only relieves you of pain but improves your oral health?

It helps to go into any new adventure (including dental surgery) with a sense of what to expect.

When you have a root canal you will first meet with Orem endodontist Dr. Jon Jenson. He will assess your overall oral health with a focus on your specific tooth needs. He will listen to your concerns and be sure to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

On your return visit, your tooth will be anesthetized. If you choose to have sedation dentistry during treatment, you will be even more relaxed and calm during the root canal procedure. Once you are unable to feel anything on your tooth, the tooth will be drilled to access the affected pulp of the tooth. The pulp and infected area will be removed and the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and filled.

A root canal is a cosmetic dental procedure that can prevent a damaged tooth from needing to be removed completely. If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, a root canal can often be a welcome procedure as it alleviates your constant toothache and gives you a healthy, functional smile.

If your oral health has suffered because of your dental fears, Dr. Jon Jenson is here to help you turn over a new leaf. Get the oral care you need while feeling relaxed, comfortable and in control.  Call today to set an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.