When Teeth Develop Cracks

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A cracked tooth is nothing to take lightly. Dr. Jon Jenson takes a cracked tooth seriously, and he even outlines five specific kinds of cracked teeth. Types of Cracked Teeth Vertical Root Fracture. We’ll start with one of the most extreme (and least common) kinds of cracks. A vertical root fracture is where the tooth…

Types of Cracked Teeth

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If you’ve been to Cascade Endodontics, you know who detail-oriented Dr. Jon Jenson is. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that we have several names for a “cracked tooth.” We like to be specific. Here we will outline 5 types of cracked teeth:

The Outcomes Of An Untreated Cracked Tooth

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Provo, Think About The Outcomes Of An Untreated Cracked Tooth

Have you ever had a chip or small crack in your windshield? Over time if the crack isn’t repaired it will grow and sometimes necessitate getting rid of the windshield and replacing it. This same scenario can happen to our teeth; however, our teeth are much more complicated to replace. It’s easier to repair a…

Ways To Avoid Cracked Teeth in Utah County

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Avoiding Cracked Teeth In Utah County

Do you find yourself feeling sharp pain when you bite, or when your teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures? Do you chew with just one side of your mouth? If you experience intermittent tooth pain, you may have a cracked tooth. Cracked teeth can range in severity from mild to severe. Some…

Achieve A More Youthful Smile

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Wanting to hold on to your youthful look but unsure how? You might consider investing in endodontics to maintain your smile. Unlike a diet or makeover that lasts temporarily, giving your teeth the dental treatment they deserve is a long lasting investment that can improve your appearance and your self-confidence. At the Cascade Endodontics, we…

Cracked Teeth In Provo? We Can Help

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The size and location of your cracked tooth will help to determine its treatment. Cracked teeth occur more often in molars because of their role in chewing and grinding food. Often small cracks are common and do not pose a problem. However if you are experiencing any pain related to your cracked teeth, its important…

Prevention and Signs of Cracked Teeth

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Preventing Cracked Teeth A root canal infection can have a variety of causes—injury, tooth decay, trauma, or tooth cracks being just a few. Surprisingly, it can sometimes be difficult to detect a tooth crack that may be letting bacteria escape into the heart of your tooth. Understanding how to detect tooth cracks and how to…