How Long Does Root Canal Surgery Take?

Categories: Root Canals

It is a common misconception that root canals are lengthy and involved, multi-visit procedures that involve many follow-up appointments. The good news is that most root canal procedures can be completed in one or two visits. Dr. Jon Jenson may have you come in for a follow up appointment just to check and make sure your tooth is healing correctly.

A root canal is necessary when the soft pulp at the center of your tooth is inflamed, infected or dead. All of the pulp is removed and the canals and pulp chamber are filled and sealed to keep bacteria from entering the tooth again.

First Dr. Jenson will perform a digital X ray with his CT scanner which provides him a 3D view of the affected tooth or teeth. He will then numb the area to be treated and place a rubber dam around the affected tooth to keep it dry and to prevent the bacteria removed from the tooth from spreading. Once you are numb, Dr. Jenson will drill a hole in your tooth and remove the bacteria, decayed nerve tissue and any other debris inside the tooth that is causing pain or infection. The canals of the tooth root are thoroughly cleaned and washed. Then Dr. Jenson will seal the tooth to prevent any other bacteria or infection from entering the tooth canal.

Root canal surgery usually takes around an hour to complete. Depending on your situation, you may require additional time or a follow up appointment. Talk to Dr. Jon Jenson and he will give you a better idea of what your unique case needs. We look forward to seeing you.