Orem, Find Out What To Expect With An Apicoectomy

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Orem, Find Out What To Expect With An ApicoectomyA Root canal is one of the last options in order to save a tooth from needing extraction and most would say keeping that natural tooth is well worth the money and time. Most of the time treating a tooth with root canal therapy will heal the infection and help the tooth last; however, there are times when the root canal therapy is not enough to save the tooth and it will need additional dental surgery. One of the most common procedures is an Apicoectomy.

What is an Apicoectomy? This often is the best way to save that tooth that just won’t heal. The endodontist will approach the tooth from the root side by making an access to it through your bone. Once he has reached the infected tooth root he can clean it and then seal it to prevent any reoccurance.

What is the Aftermath Of This Procedure? Depending on what method of anesthesia is used typically an individual can drive home and return to work the following day.

Is It A Guarantee? An apicoectomy is not a guarantee; however, it is one of the best ways to keep your natural tooth which is the Healthiest option that not even a dental implant can rival.