Root Canals: Common Questions

Root canal therapy is one of most feared procedures in all of dentistry. For most patients there is also a lot of mystery surrounding them. At Cascade Endodontics in Orem, we’re using this blog post to answer some of the more common root canal questions we get.

What Is A Root Canal?

This is a good, basic question. Technically known as endodontic treatment, a root canal is a procedure that treats the inside of a tooth. It becomes necessary to have one when soft inner tissue becomes inflamed or infected.

The infection can cause a lot of pain. For some patients it is relentless, while in others the pain comes and goes. But don’t be fooled, if you aren’t having a lot of pain: the infection won’t get better on its own, and if it isn’t treated you run the risk of losing the tooth.

Does A Root Canal Hurt?

When it comes to root canals, pain is a common concern. With modern dentistry there is little to no pain; most patients say it’s about like having a cavity filled.

We look at it this way: the infected tooth is already causing you a lot of pain. The root canal will relieve it.

Is It Better to Just Pull The Tooth?

Any dentist will say that whenever possible, saving your tooth is the way to go. A dental implant may be a state-of-the-art substitute, but nothing can ever completely replace a natural tooth.

If you are coping with tooth pain that isn’t getting any better, a root canal may be in order. At Cascade Endodontics in Orem we have years of experience with root canal therapy and dental surgery. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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