Saving Teeth in Orem, Utah

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When a tooth is threatened by severe decay, periodontal disease, or damage from an injury, a skilled endodontist must make a judgment call concerning the course of treatment. If the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, a root canal is often the only way to save the tooth. During a root canal procedure (or endodontic…

Get An Experienced Endodontist Utah County

Get An Experienced Endodontist Utah County

Dr. Jon Jenson has been treating infected teeth for years. He has additional training when it comes to root canal therapy and strives to help his patients avoid costly and painful dental surgery. Here is a list of common ailments and procedures that he has experience with: Cracked Teeth Avulsed Teeth (knocked out) Root Canal Therapy…

Relieve Your Pain With Root Canal Therapy Near Provo

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Provo, Relieve Your Pain With A Root Canal

Do you have a tooth that has been bothering you and needs root canal therapy?  Are you avoiding the procedure because you’ve heard how painful it can be?  Contrary to what many believe, root canals in fact relieve your dental pains. There have been great advances in technologies to enable dentists to provide a virtually…

How To Choose An Endodontist

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Find An Endodontist In Provo

If you feel you may need a root canal, you can ask your general dentist for a referral to see an endodontist. Some patients prefer to research their own endodontist to find one that will best meet their needs.  If you are researching root canal therapy and sedation dentistry in Provo Utah, consider asking the…

What Do Provo Singles Want? Nice Teeth!

Save Your Smile With Provo Endodontics

As a single person, you’re often asked to consider “What would you like to have in an ideal partner?” Maybe they need four degrees, a love of animals and conversational Mandarin. Maybe you’re less picky as long as they’re sweet to you and your mother likes them. Everyone has their list of ‘must haves’ as…

What Is A Root Canal?

Root Canal Therapy Provo

  Your tooth may appear to be fairly simple at first glance, but there are several parts of a tooth that work together to withstand chewing pressure and stay strong so you can smile and talk with confidence. Understanding the anatomy of your tooth and how it functions is an important step in understanding what…

Root Canal Therapy In Orem

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Root Canal Therapy Orem

Your teeth make several daily tasks possible—like eating, talking, and smiling. So, preserving these natural assets are extremely important to maintaining your lifestyle. When a tooth becomes infected or falls out, Dr. Jon Jenson at Cascade Endodontics in Orem makes it his top priority to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible with…

Root Canal Therapy Procedure In Utah County

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If you are anticipating a root canal procedure, you may be wondering what you can expect. At Cascade Endodontics in Utah County, your root canal procedure can often be completed in just one day, however more than one visit is usually necessary for patients interested in conscious sedation or with highly infected teeth. The following…

Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal

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In the past, getting an infection in your tooth pulp or nerve meant losing the entire tooth. Tooth extraction can require a costly replacement (dental implant) that takes several months to heal. With today’s dental technology, root canal therapy now allows you to preserve your infected tooth and restore its health and functionality. In a…

Provo Root Canal Prevention

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While the root canal procedure is faster and less painful than ever before for Provo patients, you would probably rather not have to undergo tooth restoration at all if possible. A root canal procedure is most often preventable if you take good care of your teeth. Below are some preventative measures you can take to…